Our aim is to help children understand, interact, and express themselves in the Spanish language. We want our children to be appreciative of and interested and intrigued by different languages and cultures, especially those within our diverse school community.

Languages are an essential part of a broad, balanced curriculum and an essential skill in modern life. Not only do they provide an opportunity to communicate more effectively with others, they also help children to understand other cultures and what it is to be a global citizen.

Many children at Rosary are multi lingual and relish the opportunity to broaden their language skills. We endeavour to celebrate all of the cultures and languages of our diverse school community through initiatives like ‘International Day’ and ‘Around The World with Rosary’ – A monthly video on our website created by our children which teaches us about a language spoken within our community. Children are encouraged to take the register in different languages.

Spanish is the language taught, chosen as one of the most commonly spoken languages around the world. A specialist Spanish speaker teaches weekly lessons across Key Stage 2. Learning is carefully planned to build upon prior knowledge and to provide opportunities for children develop fluency and accuracy. Children learn Spanish in a practical and engaging way enabling them to practice, understand and communicate with others.



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