At Rosary, we have a broad and balanced curriculum with a framework for each subject discipline which sets out clearly what our children will know, understand and be able do by the time they leave us.

As we are a one and a half form entry school, our Rosary Journey is mapped out using the National Curriculum from EYFS to UKS2 in a two year cycle.


We have devised topics driven by a subject discipline which assess and build on previous learning with key milestones by the end points of each phase.  For each subject, we have mapped out the key learning that we want children to acquire by the time they leave our school.

We believe that knowing more and remembering more happens best through enquiry and first hand experiences alongside clear direct teaching and enrichment opportunities.  Children are encouraged to ask questions and make connections.  It is our vision that, by the end of their Rosary Journey, children will leave school empowered with the knowledge and cultural capital to be resilient, successful, responsible citizens.

Please click on the relevant Key Stage to see The Curriculum Maps.

You can see both cycles for each Key Stage here.


Key Stage Curriculum Overviews

KS1 Topics

LKS2 Topics

UKS2 Topics

Detailed Curriculum Maps for Cycle A and B


Curriculum Map 2021-22 EYFS CYCLE A

Curriculum Map 2022-23 EYFS CYCLE B


Curriculum Map 2021-22 KS1 CYCLE A

Curriculum Map 2022-23 KS1 CYCLE B


Curriculum Map 2021-22 LKS2 CYCLE A

Curriculum Map 2022-23 LKS2 CYCLE B


Curriculum Map 2021-22 UKS2 CYCLE A

Curriculum Map 2022-23 UKS2 CYCLE B