Help comes in many forms - and every little helps!



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What is The School Fund?

The School Fund is like the School’s ‘Piggy Bank’!

Every year, Rosary ask for a voluntary contribution to the School Fund from families of current pupils. We are also aware that there may be others who wish to contribute financially to the work of this wonderful school such as extended family, alumni and friends of the Rosary.

The school relies heavily on the contributions parents and donors make towards our School Fund.

We are so grateful for all the contributions we have received from many of you. In recent years, it is these contributions which have supported:

  • a dramatically enhanced playground and outside environment
  • an improved Nursery setting
  • a complete refurbishment of the children’s toilets
  • improvements to the school kitchen
  • an artist in residence (and the creation of our beautiful whole school displays)
  • installation of a kitchen for children in Belle Vue
  • high quality technology for computing, including an ipad for every child in UKS2
  • a number of fun trips and exciting visitors

Why are we asking for your help? What is the problem?

Our homemade video explains everything very well!

You may be aware that schools across the country are facing huge financial difficulties. The most significant challenges are:

  • Reduced central government funding for all schools;
  • Increases in staffing costs: pay increases, increased pension costs and significant back payments for support staff pensions;
  • A reduction in our funding for deprivation;
  • A reduction in funding for pupils with special needs.

While of course we agree with pay increases for hard-working staff and increased funding for schools with greater need, we are challenged enormously by the overall decrease in funding for schools and public services and this is only forecast to get worse.

As a Catholic Voluntary Aided School, we have additional financial responsibilities that other state schools do not. For example, we are required by law to pay for 10% of any repairs, maintenance and updates of our school buildings and infrastructure. Other state schools would have all of this paid for by the Local Authority.

It is the responsibility of the government and the school leadership/governing body to ensure that core curriculum related salaries are paid for and that a balanced budget is returned. Our governors, Senior Leadership Team and Admin Staff work incredibly hard to reduce costs where possible, seek additional revenue and make financial efficiencies.

Because our priority has to be in funding certain core costs, we are in real and certain danger of losing funding for so many of those ‘extras’ that make Rosary school such a special place.

Therefore, it is the generous contributions from our families which will enable us to maintain the rich and broad curriculum that this school currently offers. Music, sports opportunities, artists in residence, high quality resources for computing, a trip programme that embeds our curriculum in real experiences, community events and a year 6 residential are, after all, what make our school so unique, engaging, inspiring and inclusive.

This rich curriculum offer is not statutory and is not on offer in many primary schools.

We are asking our families to RAISE IT ROSARY so that our children can continue to enjoy and be inspired by the richness of the Rosary curriculum and community.

Donate Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I donate?

Of course we understand that all families have different financial circumstances and we ask parents to give what they can afford. As a suggested guideline, The Rosary ask for a voluntary contribution to the School Fund of at least £30 per year for each child (£60 per family where there is more than one child attending the school). Those who wish to donate more are very welcome to do so.

How can I donate?

We do appreciate that making your family contribution could be easily forgotten in everyone’s busy lives, so we have tried to make it as easy as possible to make whatever payment you can afford.


This means that you give school a certain amount every month.

This is the BEST way for our school to receive money and the EASIEST for you! As once it’s set up you don’t need to think about it again!

You can do this by completing this STANDING ORDER FORM (click here to print) and hand it into school. The school office also has copies for you.

Or use the school account details on the form to set up a standing order directly with your bank.

2. Pay school through SCOPAY!

You can pay annually, termly, monthly or even weekly.

All our families should be set up on SCOPAY system but if you need help contact the school office.

Click here for ScoPay website (you will need login details which can be created for parents of pupils by the office).

3. Pay cash or a cheque into the office

Please make cheques payable to Rosary Catholic Primary School

4. Pay through PAYPAL.

You can do this as a one-off donation or you can set up regular payments

There is a link to do either of these things through PayPal on our school website


If you pay tax in the UK, don’t forget to gift aid any donation you make. We can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give at no extra cost to you. So, if you donate £10, it is worth £12.50 to us! Gift aid forms are available from the school office or by clicking here!

Can I just do a one off donation?

Yes. Visit the donation page and there is a clear choice between on-going and one-off donations.

Can anybody donate?

Of course! We welcome donations from anybody. Perhaps you know someone who might want to donate; perhaps somebody is looking for a great fundraising cause or perhaps your business is looking to donate.

I really can’t afford to donate. Can I help in other ways?

Yes please! Help comes in many forms!

If you cannot afford to donate money, perhaps you could ask yourself one of the following questions:

  • Can you help out at a school fund-raising event?
  • Can you bake something for a cake sale?
  • Do you know any professional artists, musicians or scientists that might want to volunteer with our school?
  • Could your company offer match funding?
  • Can you offer services for a silent auction at the Summer Fair?
  • Can you help with small maintenance jobs at school?

Help comes in many forms - and every little helps!


Does this mean you won’t ask for trip donations any more?

Sadly no. The voluntary donations we ask for only go part-way to funding our trips programme. The school currently puts additional funding towards our valuable visitors and trips programme.

What is ScoPay and is it different to this Donate Page?

ScoPay is a different system which allows Rosary parents to pay online for things like school dinners, school trips, school clubs and School Fund. But you must have login details to use this. Click here for ScoPay. Parents are given a unique code when their child starts school and they then set up their login details. If you wish to activate a ScoPay account you can get a letter from the School Office.

What more can I do?

Come to all our school fundraising events! See the website calendar and the school newsletter to find out more.

Get involved in our school fundraising!

Write to your MP and take every opportunity to pressure this government to fund its schools properly.

Tell us your ideas! We are always keen to receive ideas from pupils, staff and parents for projects which need funding and will always work closely with the school to ensure the money is spent wisely and appropriately.

We know how much you all value this school and we know you will want to help us continue making it the best place for our children to thrive.

Watch this video for a summary of everything! 

Thank you so much for your ongoing support for our special school.