At Rosary Catholic Primary School, we recognise each child as an individual, and aim to give all children the opportunity to realise their full potential in every area of school life. We aim to build a learning community here and we truly value the partnership between school and parents. We believe that parents are a child’s first and enduring teachers. They play a crucial role in helping their children to learn. All children achieve more when schools and families work together in a meaningful partnership.

Our Home-School Agreement

When a child begins at Rosary School, we ask all parents and children to enter into our Home/School Agreement. You can see a copy of this here.

Our Open Door Policy

We value the role of families in learning and expect good open communication with parents, listening sensitively and responding thoughtfully to their queries and concerns. Staff are always happy to speak to parents. There will always be a member of staff at the gates in the morning to greet everyone as they come to school. SLT and Class Teachers are in the playground after school. Please come and find us for a quick chat or make an appointment to speak to us.

Curriculum Information Evening and Parents’ Consultations

A Curriculum Meeting is held for every class in September to outline the year and give parents an overview of the curriculum and routines for their child’s class. A curriculum map will be given to outline the year’s topics at this meeting.

Parent Consultation Evenings are held in the Autumn and Spring terms.

Autumn Term – Parents and teachers have the opportunity to discuss expectations, behaviour, attitudes and home/school partnership.

Spring Term – parents have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress.

Targets are set and given to the parents at these consultation evenings.

SEN reviews are held three times a year. These are attended by a pupil’s parents/carers, class teacher, the inclusion manager and any relevant outside agency.

At the end of the academic year parents/carers are sent a written report outlining their child’s progress and attainment for that year.

The Newsletter

Every Friday we send home a newsletter which tells our families all the wonderful things that we have coming up the following week. It includes reminders about events, messages about our achievements, attendance and punctuality, notes from staff, sports results and the names of the children who have been in the Golden Book that week, as well as much more! The blue newsletter is given to every child and sent to friends of the school like our governors. We put a copy in the noticeboard and upload it every week to the website. We hope you enjoy finding out about all the exciting things that happen at our school! Click here to be taken to the newsletters.

Noticeboards and Communication

We have a noticeboard outside school, on which we write upcoming events as well as what is happening in school that day. We also have a noticeboard on which we pin posters about events in school, key information and the latest school blue newsletter.

We use ‘Parent Hub’ online messaging system which allows us to send instant messages and reminders to families.

Getting Involved

We love to open our doors to parents! We welcome parent helpers on trips and volunteers to help with school events such as plays or concerts. In Key Stage One we have a lovely tradition of parents attending our ‘Stay and Read’ sessions – during which they can come to see their children reading in class and enjoying stories and books with their friends.

Coffee Mornings

We hold coffee mornings on the last Friday of every month from 9.10am in our Small Hall. These are a great way to get to know other Rosary parents while enjoying a warm cup of coffee or tea and a biscuit! Our parent governors are also often here and so it’s a great place to find out more about ‘Friends of the Rosary’. Please see the School Office or Alice Miles for more information.

Parent Workshops

Have a look at some of the materials we have used in parent workshops so far:

Maths Pack Booklet EYFS

Maths Pack Booklet KS1