The Christian Family

We have had a great start to the year, the children have come back full of enthusiasm and a determination to learn and try their best!

Father Nicholas visited us in our first week back to share his knowledge on our new R.E topic: The Christian Family. We focussed on baptism and the children were able to participate in a mock baptism and share their own experiences of attending baptisms.  What did you learn about baptism from Father Nicholas? Let me know by posting on here!

We have another special visitor coming in on Thursday so watch this space for more pictures!

13 comments on “Welcome to the Pelicans!

  1. When Father Nicholas came in I was surprised that he came in with a doll, water, candle and towels. I leant how people are baptised.

  2. This was very fun!?

  3. I love ❤️ learning about baptism????

  4. This was very fun when the children came up and acted ?

  5. It was fun being a godmother before I didn’t know the responsibilitys.?

  6. It was very interesting to learn how to baptise a baby. It was also really fun!?

  7. Elda Michael says:

    WOW! That day we did that I was shocked,cause in any of the classes I been I have never done anything fun like that.

  8. Elda Michael says:

    I loved it !!!!!?????

  9. Father Nicholas came in and told us about baptism with a baby doll?

  10. Elda Michael says:

    It was the best RE LESSON EVER!!!????

  11. I loved this it was sooooooooooooo much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  12. sean cardinali says:

    I love it’s SUPER FUN!

  13. BEST LESSON EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was soooooooooo much fun.???

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