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Last week, we were very lucky to have a visit from the author Billy Bob Buttons! He gave us some top tips on how to develop characters when writing a story. We also did some work around similes with him.

He read us some of his books and we even got a chance to buy signed copies of his books. The Pelicans bought ‘The Gullfoss legends’ from him and this is going to be our next class novel. The story is based on an Icelandic legend and we can’t wait to start it!

12 comments on “Visit from Billy Bob Buttons

  1. It was really fun seeing an author in person and getting one of his books sighned.?

  2. I love the tor books he published I have both there amazing

  3. I think that Billy Bob Bottons was a amazing Athor but he taught me some new things. All his books he make were amazing. I wish that could see him again. I learnt that similes and they were very interesting. I will global you back.???✌?

  4. It was very fun!

  5. I think Billy Bob Bottons is an amazing author and he inspires me to buy his books.

  6. Elda Michael says:

    He really inspired me to be an auother!!!!!?????? and I love his books.he is very funny

  7. I enjoyed this because Billy Bob Buttons signed my book which was Felicity brandy and the wizards book shop

  8. It was very inspiring!

  9. Billy Bob buttons came in and read some of his book muffin monster

  10. It was so much fun I love it when billy Bob button came.

  11. Elle marchant says:

    The author billy bob buttons really enspiered me to write books ? when I grow up.His books are incredible they’re really funny ? I finessed muffin monster??in one night?.

  12. The author billy bobs buttons really fun when he
    Read us a story

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