Condors have been working hard, practising calculation methods for addition and subtraction following a treasure trail around the top floor. Did you manage to complete the full loop of your trail?

12 comments on “Maths Treasure Trail + and –

  1. I was on the Green Trail and understood it. Being partners with Maja made it easier.

  2. I was on the Green Trail and I was working with Hattie. I think Hattie and I did a great job finding out the answer. We managed to make a loop back where we started

  3. I found the treasure trail really exciting and at the same time it helps you to socialise with different people in your class !!! ???

  4. It was very fun doing it with Victoria☺️

  5. I agree!!

  6. It was so fun I was on orange

  7. Can’t wait ? to start on orange ?

  8. This was such as fun activity, finding calculations and solving them out.

  9. I did green trail with Victoria ☺️ Now the orange ? trial!

  10. That was really fun!?

  11. Chloe Phillips says:

    I enjoyed the green trail.?

  12. It was really fun. I got to finish the amber and the red trail.

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