This week it has been revealed that Jim has made his escape and is FREE!

Can you predict what Jim’s life will be like outside of the workhouse?

Do you think he will find a happy home…..or not??!?!?

18 comments on “‘Street child’ update! Jim has escaped!

  1. The street child is a amazing book to read for every age!We are reading it now in class and we have found out he has escaped the dreadful work house!!!!!??

  2. I think that Jim will have trouble surviving outside of the workhouse because he is giving up three meals a day and is exposing himself to the frigid air. On the other hand, because Jim has not always been prisoner to the inhumane workhouse so he might have a chance at survival. I hope Snowy Owls are enjoying Street Child because I know I am!!!

  3. I love the book street child it is great

  4. Jim has the right to leave because otherwise he would always get beaten and he will soon forget when he came. Nobody wants to die there.

  5. I loved it when Jim escaped from the work house?

  6. Street child is such a great story so far. I can’t believe the conditions in the workhouse. Jim is such a great character the Berlin Doherty description for the owrkhouse is incredible!!??

  7. Street child is an interesting book to

  8. I think Jim is going to find it hard to find a home but eventually
    finds someone and then they will live together

  9. The Victorian era is so interesting! Jim’s life is so upsetting- I can’t believe how injust the people were! I can’t wait to read the next chapter!

  10. Poor Jim in the dark alone! Hopefully he will find a new home and not be caught by the bobbies?????

  11. I loved the rush when Jim escaped my favourite line in that story was he was free. It gave you such a nice feeling!?

  12. Jim has escaped I wonder what he will do next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jim has escaped! I am very glad he escaped from the terrible workhouse!

  14. The street child is a great book


    I bet he will meet a guy called grimey nick

  16. I miss this

  17. It is very interesting.

  18. love the book

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