The Rosary fund raising team will be selling raffle tickets every morning from 8.45am this week. The winning tickets will be chosen and announced at our MacMillan coffee morning on FRIDAY 30th SEPTEMBER.

Whether you fake it or bake it, WE NEED YOUR CAKE DONATIONS.. please bring them to Nursery.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday at 8.30am!




5 comments on “MacMillan Raffle!

  1. This sounds exciting… I am going to buy a ticket (or two)!?

  2. I really hope that the money we raise from the raffle will help Macmillan

  3. suzie.harris says:

    Well done for organising such a great event! How much money did you make on the raffle?

  4. I really enjoyed selling the tickets ?

  5. It was so nice when people came up to me and my friends and bought the tickets. We really did raise a lot of money.

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