Our Science topic for this term is ‘Whizz Pop Bang!’ and we have been having lots of fun exploring the properties of materials and how they can change.

Today, we were learning all about diffusion. We came up with the hypothesis: If the temperature of water is hotter, then diffusion will happen faster.

We put this to the test by using three teabags and three beakers of water (one cold, one room temperature and one hot). To make sure this was a fair test, we used the same amount of water, the same teabags and we dropped the teabags in at the exact same time. The one variable was the temperature of the water. We used a stopwatch to record the times of diffusion.

We discovered that our predictions were accurate! Diffusion occurred fastest in the hot water and slowest in the cold water. We had a exciting time being scientists!


5 comments on “Snowy Owls get Scientific!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    Super scientific work Snowy Owls!

  2. I loved that experiment! I hope we do more just like that one! Miss Quigely, that was a really fun experiment thanks!?????????

  3. Sofia George Sarmiento says:

    I hope we do another one! It was fun!??

  4. Abbie Cooke says:

    Well done snowy owls

  5. This experiment was fun (because I won) and it is interesting

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