Kingfihsers experimented with one of their favourite foods, pizza, and how to make it healthier. After a survey we found out the two most popular pizza’s in our class are plain cheese and pepperoni and no one liked vegetables on their pizza. We discussed how we could have healthier pizzas if we were to include more varied ingredients and came up with some ingredients we would like to try. We made a class shopping list and every pair decided on three experimental toppings we would include to try something and to inlcude some of our five-a-day. Our shopping list included; mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn and pineapple along with favourites like pepperoni and cheese, we then used pitta bread as a base before adding our personal toppings. Everyone was very adventurous in their choices and we had pizzas full of wonderful vegetables and even better we all tried our pizzas and all the healthy toppings we had. It turned out we enjoyed some of the vegetables a lot, sweetcorn was particularly popular as was pepper, a lot of us really enjoyed the mushrooms as well but opinion on pineapple was divided. We had a great time cooking and trying new food, have a look at our pitta pizzas below.



17 comments on “Experimental Pizzas

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    I was lucky enough to sample some of this pizza and it was DELICIOUS!! Loaded with healthy toppings – it was the perfect snack for me! Thank you Kingfishers!

  2. Christian and chase says:

    The pizza was yummy and it was fun to make.I put pepper,sweet corn and ham.

  3. Ephron/Jose says:

    That was soooo yummy

  4. The pizza was DELICIOUS it was more better than the pizza I usually have. I enjoyed every part of that lesson.

  5. I loved the pizza,it was yummy?.

  6. I loved the pizza it was the best pizza I have ever had.

  7. I loved that pizza so much yummy in my tummy I wish I saved some for my family but i can tell them we’ll it was amazing

  8. Ephron/Jose says:

    That was so yummy

  9. Ephron/Jose says:

    That was so good

  10. sophie.kennedy says:

    I walked through the classroom at break and saw a delicious plate of freshly cooked pizza. Shall we just say that you were very lucky they were still there when you got back!

  11. Healthy food is the best!!!!

  12. Christian and chase says:

    It was so delicious and I don’t think I will ever forget eating that pizza.

  13. I just can’t get enough of the pizza it was delicious

  14. I love pizza????

  15. I know right? It’s so yummy!



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