It was the Kingfishers’ turn to cook this week and we had a great time up in the new kitchen! Our task was to make some winter warming fruit crumbles. We had a choice of apple, pear and plum or a combination of all three in one. We learnt how to use a knife safely using the bridge technique, measure out the correct ingredients and to rub the flour and butter together to make the topping. We decided the recipe was too small so we doubled each measurement. It was great to work as a team, and we even divided up the washing and cleaning duties at the end. The results were really tasty and not too sugary. The Kingfishers can’t wait to cook again!

11 comments on “Cooking with the Kingfishers.

  1. That looks very fun. I can’t wait for Pelicans to cook again in the kitchen.

  2. Wow I’d like to make crumble next time.

  3. That looks delicious!!! I hope condors can do some more cooking soon!

  4. That looks like fun

  5. I can’t wait when Yr5 will be cooking, it looks amazing

  6. The crumble looked delicious .my favourite is apple crumble .I am looking foward to going to the kitchen .

  7. when we were cooking we made fruit crumble it was delicious ?

  8. Tyler-grace says:

    I loved those crombles they very good I want so much more of i Yummy in my tummy ??? yummy love it ?Gass hans?

  9. The apple and plum crumble was my fav and I REELLY INJOYED COOKING

  10. I loved cooking it was so fun the fruit crumble is so nice

  11. Maya French says:


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