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  1. Wow it really was a very good museum.

  2. The trip was very interesting and fascinating! It was fun when we drew our self portraits out of chalk! ?☺️?

  3. The trip was very fun and interesting.

  4. I didn’t know that some victorians had toilets in there garden

  5. I learnt that when the mother left her child she would give him or her a token or a piece of clothing so that when they come to get them they would know that they were theirs.

  6. I learnt that the foundlings were given tokens when they were young so that their parents can identify who they are. I loved this trip!

  7. I really enjoyed the trip and I learnt a lot of new things during it. For example, I didn’t know that the women had to pick out a coloured ball to determine if they were allowed to leave their child at the Foundling Hospital. If they picked a white ball from the jar, they could leave their child there. If they picked a red ball, they would be in the waiting list and if they picked a black ball the child could not stay.

  8. I found the trip fun.I did not know that Many baby’s were found dead in the Georgian times.

  9. I learnt that all the girls, if their parents had not collected them, would go into service as a maid.

  10. This was a really interesting trip! I didn’t know you had to pick coloured balls out of a bag to ensure you could leave your child at the foundling museum. White= your baby would be tested to get in. Red= you would be put on a waiting list. Black= you were rejected. I’d much rather be a foundling than have to live in the workhouse- even though the uniform looked really uncomfortable!

  11. I agree deeply with you Isabelle about and the way how the children’s parents got a black they would be rejected is heart breaking.?

  12. I had learnt that some paintings had different meanings such as:
    A women= Foundling Hospital and a little boy= a foundling- (a child that couldn’t be fed or cared for by their parents.)

  13. I really enjoyed the trip and learnt something new! I learnt that mothers would give their child a token at the founding hospital to recognise their child if they want them back.

  14. I had an amazing time. It was so interesting. I didn’t know that the mothers who left their children at the foundling hospital left a piece of their clothing or a token. This was so that if they were to come back to them the token/ clothing would show that this was their child.

  15. The trip was so exciting, it really made me realise how lucky I am to live in 2016. I learnt that at the start they had to pull out balls from a sack and if you got a white one your child could go in, if you got a red one your child was on a waiting list but if you got a black and ne your child was turned away!

  16. I really enjoyed the Foundling Museum. I found it really fascinating and fun.?

  17. I loved going to the museum and it was really fun that we got Victorian names.

  18. I agree with you on that with Nancy. It was funny that you got my sister’s name Rose.

  19. Milly Condors says:

    I had an amazing and exciting time on the trip. I learnt that the mothers of foundlings, had to pull out a ball from a sack. If they pulled out a white ball, their child would be allowed to go into the foundling hospital, if they got a red ball the children would be on a list , but if they got a black ball the children would be refused from the hospital.

  20. I learnt that there were three different colours of balls which mothers would pick in a bag. If the colour was white, the child would be tested if he or she didn’t have a disease which would spread. If the colour was red, the child would be in a waiting list so when one of the children who was tested and had a disease, one of the children with the red ball would be tested. If the baby had a black ball, the child would go away.

  21. I had so much fun. I thought only the poor mothers or fathers gave their children to the foundling home but even rich people (pregnant, unmarried women) would take them there. When they left their children they would give a token to remember who their parents were. If they didn’t have a token they would give them a piece of their clothes.

  22. It was kind of fun???

  23. We also learned that children were given different names after being founded for their safety. We were given Victorian names ourselves- mine was Cecilia.

  24. Look fun looking forward to going ?

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