Last night was a brilliant evening for Rosary Football as both teams added strong victories to their title quest. The girls, after weeks of hard work and persistence finally tasted success in their 3rd and final game of the evening against Fleet. Jessie Cooke starred with a stunning hat trick that locked away a solid performance by all. A special mention goes to Isabelle Monahan who showed tremendous sportsmanship and didn’t give up all night as Goalkeeper. We all look forward to more wins in the coming weeks.

The boys also continued their dominant run convincingly beating some top quality opponents. Daniel Flynn yet again starred leading his team with ferocious defence and unstoppable attacks up front. Danny Wise and Giovani Lovato were again calm and composed in the backline giving front half players, Sean Cullen and Ezekiel Burrell plenty of opportunities to score throughout the 3 games.

Our next game is on the 13th of December against a tough opponent in Primrose Hill. Make sure you all get to training on Friday morning!

Boys Results:

2-1 Win vs Brookfield

2-2 Draw vs St Dominics

5-0 Win vs Fleet


Girls Results:

3-0 Loss vs Brookfield

1-0 Loss vs St Dominics

3-0 Win vs Fleet


Mr Bennett

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17 comments on “Camden Football League: Round 2

  1. Maxima Eagles says:

    Go girls!⚽️
    We’re all cheering for you!

  2. I loved playing football for the girls

  3. The scores are very good! ⚽️

  4. Well done to those who played Jessie well done you scored a hat trick ! ??

  5. Great job teams. You did a great job!??⚽️

  6. Giovanni .L says:

    I hope we win the tournament

  7. The boys are doing so well: I think you have a really great chance! Keep up the good work!

  8. Come on boys show the team what you have got! Also try your hardest to win the tournament.

  9. Charles Sedgwick says:

    You’re going to win the next match as well!!!⚽️⚽️?

  10. Just like Gio said l hope we win the tournament

  11. I hope we won and all of them did a great job!☺️

  12. Tyler-grace says:

    That’s great I’m really happy for you I wish I was in that football. It would be a lot of fun I imagine ??

  13. Good luck Rosary!

  14. Come on boys???

  15. Mr Williams says:

    Well done guys. Awesome to see you doing so well. Must be that fantastic Australian coach you have 🙂

  16. jen.beswick says:

    Wow! Well done to you all!

  17. Well done.

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