Image 1We started the Advent season with a beautiful Mass last Friday 25th November, led by the Year 4 Pelicans. Each class offered up  an Advent wreath which they had created in their RE learning. On each hand, every pupil thought of an Advent promise that they will aim to keep during this special time in order to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Please encourage your child to discuss their Advent promise with you as we approach this festive season.

We are delighted to be supporting the CAFOD World Gifts Appeal this year. The charity helps to provide families with vital food and basic essentials this Advent. We will be collecting at the end of the Reception and Key Stage One Nativities as well as holding a whole school ‘Christmas Jumper’ day on Monday 12th December.

You can find out more about the work of CAFOD and download an interactive Advent Calendar here.

imageWhat World Gift will your class decide to buy ? 

Click here for some ideas.

18 comments on “Advent at the Rosary -Raising money for CAFOD

  1. All the Advent wreaths look really nice.

  2. I can’t wait to help those in need

  3. I can’t wait what our class buys for those in need. ?

  4. I can’t wait to raise money for CAFOD.

  5. I am very excited to help those in need and hopefully we will all be able to raise enough money for them.

  6. I think the camel that carries is a good idea but it costs a lot off money. Hopefully we’ll be able to provide something really helpful for those in need. I also think the goat that gives is a great idea and it sounds lik it would be a great help to those less fortunate then us.

  7. I would like to see if we could achieve the ‘Camel that Carries’. I’m really excited to be able to help these people that are in need of help.

  8. Emilia Yr6 says:

    I wonder what we will be doing. I really like the idea of the winter survival kit. As it will ensure that a refugee family will have shelter for the winter.

  9. I think we should raise money to get a winter survival kit because now In the winter it is freezing. Also it gives money to a refugee family so they could have some food.

  10. I would like to raise money for the winter survival kit.

  11. water for a family sounds like a great idea.

  12. I am wearing a rain deer jummper ✌?????

  13. We are choosing to buy the winter survival kit.It is quite expensive but I think if we all work together and not miss one penny we could reach our target. We can only afford half though so if we could merge with another class it would be great.

  14. My class wants to raise enough money for the winter
    Survival kit but we won’t have enough money so we thought we could team up with another class. Hopefully we can especially because we don’t want those people to freeze this winter.

  15. I love raising money for Cafod.

  16. Our class was thinking of getting a donkey that delivers and a goat that gives. ?

  17. Maxima Eagles says:

    Everyone in our class is giving three pounds to buy a goat? that gives and a donkey that delivers. The camel? that carries is really expensive – I wonder if any class will choose to raise money for that! I hope it does good to those less fortunate than us!????

  18. I love all the advent wreaths because they look so nice when you think about them.

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