The Ducklings have been having lots of fun at home, take a look!

Thank you for your messages and emails so far, it is always so lovely to hear from you.

Here is a gallery of some of your wonderful work.


 What a lovely flower, all labelled correctly. You have been so busy at home having fun and learning.



You look ready to practice lots of tricky words! Keep up all the hard work, well done!

You are doing a great job as a fire fighter! Fire fighters have such an important job keeping the whole community safe!

Oliver’s life cycle of a frog and ‘s’ words below. You have been busy Oliver – Well Done!

Kamaya’s wonderful art work! Its so colourful and detailed!






9 comments on “The Ducklings have been having lots of fun at home, take a look!

  1. suzie.harris says:

    Wow! What fantastic work Ducklings! Those beautiful flowers have really cheered me up. It’s lovely to see you all working so hard.

  2. Well done Ducklings! I love seeing you so engaged in your home learning! Keep up the good work.

  3. Miss Barry Murphy says:

    Super work Ducklings! So lovely to see you doing lots of different learning at home!

  4. Anna McGrory says:

    This is fantastic Ducklings!


  6. WELL DONE✔❤💚💕❣

  7. Elizabeth Tobun says:

    I love it

  8. Elizabeth Tobun says:

    It is so cute🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  9. It’s really good 😊 that everyone is participating in it and .I think that they were fantastic

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