Today, the Snowy Owls were asked to write a biography about Beatrix Potter. We had been learning about biographies in class and are all big fans of Peter Rabbit, so what a great way to combine the two.

Sofia carried out her research on Beatrix Potter and compiled it into an informative biography – including a lovely picture of Peter Rabbit himself!

Did you know that Beatrix Potter wrote 23 different tales? Or that she illustrated all of her own books? A very interesting person! Great work Sofia!

4 comments on “Beatrix Potter Biography

  1. Nice Sofia! What a busy day you’ve had!??

  2. Anna McGrory says:

    This is great Sofia! Beautiful handwriting, interesting information and a lovely picture. Well done

  3. Well done??

  4. suzie.harris says:

    Well done Sofia! I absolutely LOVE your pictures!

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