Kingfishers Get Scientific

Kingfishers have thouroughly enjoyed a very scientific week. We had a very big science focus throughout the week, in our class learning we explored food chains from local environements such as a woodland and are area of study at the minute, The Amazon. We explored what a food chain was and how to use technical words such as producer and consumer to help us explain each living things role in their respective¬†chains. We also had some special one off investigations, one of our favourites was the Curly Wurly challenge, we managed to stretch our Curly Wurly to 2.7 metres! One of the mroe frustrating investigations was the mystery boxes, we spent a look time carefully observing what we could hear, see and feel in a set of closed boxes, discussing as a group what it could be and reasoning the most likely object to make our predictions and after all that hard work, we didn’t even find out what was inside. This was to help us understand that science doesn’t always have a clear answer.

Have a look at some photos from our week below.

4 comments on “Kingfishers Get Scientific

  1. Curly wurly challenge was the best!!!!!!!!!!!?????

  2. Miss Robinson says:

    Wow this looks amazing! My class loved the ‘Mystery Boxes’ as well – a fun way to get their scientific minds buzzing!

  3. I loved the curlywirly challenge and after school I asked my mum to get one. But I ate it instead o doing the challenge again!!!

  4. Isabella says:

    Wow. What is a curly wurly?

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