Kingfishers had a fabulous time celebrating World Book Day and came into school with a lot of very imaginative and original costumes. Throughout the day we had story activities like, creating book marks to represent our character, ‘Talk Time’ during which we had to convince other why our chosen book was best and we even became story tellers ourselves. Have a look at some of our class photos below.

4 comments on “World Book Day

  1. I loved Danny’s outfit it was where’s wally

  2. I loved world book day

  3. Miss Blake says:

    Hello from Australia Kingfishers! Sounds like World Book Day was a success and I’m sure you all looked fabulous in your costumes.
    Keep up the hard work. I look forward to seeing what else you get up to soon.
    Miss you all!
    Miss Blake

  4. Isabella says:

    Great outfits

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