Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty!

We have been celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday with lots of different activities around the school.

Year 4 were lucky enough to meet a real life author, Christopher Yeates, who wrote the book ‘God Bless the Queen’!


We watched the clip of the Queen parachuting from a helicopter at the Olympic games in 2012 and heard all about the history of the Monarchy and the Queen’s early life. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth had to collect rationing coupons to save up for her wedding dress as she married Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten in 1947, not long after the end of the war?


We asked Chris lots of questions and Eve, Darius, Rachel and Jehovani read exerts from his book. Chris signed everyone’s book and Gresham Publishing gave every child in the school a book to take home. Thank You!


Over the next few days we will be posting pictures and comments about our celebrations.

Year 3 wrote letters to the Queen and designed her a special cake for her 90th birthday.image


          Happy Birthday Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II!



13 comments on “Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty!

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    Happy Birthday to our queen! I hear that it was a wonderful event yesterday Year 4 and that you did us all very proud! Well done!

  2. I was lucky enough to sign the Queen’s birthday book! She will look through it and see my name and messages!?????✏️

  3. Maja and Rachel yr4 says:

    We enjoyed meeting Chris Yeates, the author of God Bless the Queen. We love our signed copies of the book!

  4. Happy birthday to the wonderful queen Elizabeth 2 !! We enjoyed reading the book all about you!

  5. What age was the of the Queen when she got married?

  6. How old was the Queen when WW2 started?

  7. The author was Christopher Yeates and he wrote all about the Queen’s life in’God Bless the Queen’.??+??

  8. Happy birthday your majesty!Thanks Christopher Yeats for righting that book I found it really interesting and I found loads of new facts about the Queen

  9. My favourite fact was that Queen Elizabeth 2 still had to collect clothes coupons just like very other bride!I thought that as a princess she could have just got one ,I am very surprised by this fact!

  10. I can’t believe that an actual author came to our school!

  11. How many soldiers does the queen have? I know she has over 300 -let’s see if I’m right.

  12. I wish The Queen a very happy birthday. Have a nice day love Ruby

  13. I really enjoyed reading this book and I learnt a lot about the Queen.??

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