5/6 Football at Coram Fields

Last Thursday our Year 5/6 Football teams played down at Coram Fields in a Camden wide competition. Expectations were high after a terrific series during the Winter and the teams didn’t disappoint. The girls team cruised through the first round convincingly winning 4 from 4 of their matches, while the boys won 3 and drew one. Jessie and Ella starred up front for the girls team while the striking power of Ezekiel, Daniel F and Charley was too much for their opposition.

Both teams went directly through to the semi finals where the boys were successful beating Gospel Oak 2-0 comfortably to qualify for the Grand Final. The girls team were extremely unlucky in their Semi Final conceding an early goal that saw them narrowly lose 1-0 to an evenly matched, Gospel Oak.  The girls team should be extremely proud of their efforts and take great pride in their 3rd place medals. Their perseverance and hard work to gel together as a team is their greatest achievement this year.

The Boys were set to take the pitch in the grand final against the winners of Pool B, Brecknock. With a few small niggling injuries our boys soldiered on and gave their all in the big game. Danny and Charley were again calm and cool in defence while Daniel F and Sean worked tirelessly to create opportunities all day. Unfortunately, Brecknock were too strong all over the pitch and scored late in the first half and then proceeded to shut the game down running out winners and taking the title. Congratulations to all the boys, you should be extremely proud of your silver medals and hard work this year.

Special mentions go to Emanuela, Charley and Daniel F who were awarded medals for sportsmanship and fair play. Thank you also to Miss Long for coaching the girls team.


Mr. Bennett


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9 comments on “5/6 Football at Coram Fields

  1. Thanks for giving us a an great opportunity to represent our school and well done to the boys and girls team.👍

  2. Thank you for taking us and I had such a great time there.

  3. Cordelia says:

    Well done! You guys must have worked really hard to do that well 🙂

  4. Well done.

  5. Milly yr6 says:

    It was so fun at football.⚽️I had a great time and well done to everyone⚽️🏅

  6. Emanuela says:

    I really enjoyed the day there and I think both boys and girls did really well.

  7. Well done! Hope you had a great time. 👍😃

  8. Well done guys you did amazing

  9. That looked so fun

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