This week, we have spent a lot of time discussing the General Election and how a government is elected. We spoke about MPs from each constituency being elected and given a seat in the House of Commons. The children learnt about a majority government and the chance of a ‘Hung Parliament’, which means no party has the majority of seats.

Classmates stood for election, representing the different parties, by sharing policies from their manifestos. The class then had a chance to vote in secret for the candidate of their choice.

All candidates spoke eloquently and tried to answer some tricky questions from their classmates.  After the ballots were collected and votes counted, he had a Hung Parliament-  no party had the majority of votes. Green Party could choose between the leaders of the Conservatives or Larbour to form a coalition government with. Green Party chose to go into coalition with Labour.

We were so impressed the enthusiasm and knowledge shared on this topic.

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