On Monday June 20th, the Year 4 Pelicans class were lucky to visit the Royal Academy of Music for a special workshop and tour.

The workshop was inspired by African Music.  We learned an African song, which was accompanied by a Djembe, a trumpet and a clarinet.  In the creative workshop, we composed our own music inspired by pictures of African life such as a market and some dancers.

The tour was fascinating and the pelican class loved exploring the history of the building through seeing both old concert halls and brand new ones.  Wr=e came across lots of students practicing (an organ, a piano, and a cello).  In the RAM museum, we saw some amazing old instruments.

We are very grateful to the Academy for the continued work they do with us.  Through the ‘Open Academy’ our young musicians at the Rosary get the chance to work in small groups, writing their own music and contributing their own ideas.  Another added bonus is the truly wonderful performances that the students give us.  Their skill, their expression and their passion for music inspire all our pupils at the Rosary.  We can’t wait for our third and final open Academy visit in mid-June, where more musicians will come and play a concert at the Rosary.



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  1. I love the music

  2. They’re Really Really GOOD ?

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