Today is World Book Day!

We have had so much fun thinking about stories and characters we love. Here are just some of the highlights from our day.

First, Fr Nicholas came into our class and we thought about Jesus and our most special book, The Bible. We talked about our new RE topic, ‘Joy and Sorrow’ .

Then, Sammy Sounds came for some extra special World Book Day phonics fun!

As you can see we came dressed as our favourite book characters and had lots of fun together .

Finally, we celebrated the day with a ‘Booknic’ where we gathered together, sharing stories and having a little treat!


3 comments on “World Book Day Fun in Reception

  1. These costumes are so amazing!!

  2. abi year 3 says:

    they look great and you look cute in them

  3. Amelia Brewer says:

    Amelia loved dressing up for world book day ? ?‍♀️

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