Despite the snowy weather, Flamingo children arrived at school looking marvelous in their world book day costumes! We had Harry Potter characters, Roald Dahl characters, Dr. Seuss favourites and more. It was so lovely hearing the reasons behind children’s fancy dress choices. Some chose their character out of admiration and some chose to dress like a character because they felt they could relate to them.

One of our favourite activities of the day was ‘read with a friend’. In pairs, children took turns to read quietly and calmly to their friend and share a little bit about their current book with them…

5 comments on “World Book Day!

  1. World book day is a nice time to share and recomend books to friends and dress up as your favourite book character.

  2. Lyla Webb says:

    World Book Day was soooooooooooooo fun! I am so glad that we didn’t have a snow day!! ❄️?☃️

  3. It was a fun day .I forgot that i had my Harry potter glasses in my pocket.?

  4. Emilie-Ann says:

    Emilie was so excited to be dressed up as Hermione

  5. I love world book day ???

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