This morning we woke up to a wonderful, magical winter wonderland but the snow has not stopped our wild adventures. We have been learning bush survival skills which involved building our own shelters, building fires from scratch and most importantly roasting marshmallows over a toasty fire. The groups have been strengthening their muscles and improving their agility with rock wall climbing. We also enjoyed becoming detectives whilst playing a game of human Cluedo.

This evening we will be facing off in the one and only ‘Wild Child Quiz Adventure.’ We have had a fun filled day and loved every second. Hopefully we will have another brilliant night sleep tonight before a fun filled morning of activities before making our way back to school.

4 comments on “Wild Child Day 3

  1. Julie Peel says:

    Amazing photos… looks like they are having lots of fun

  2. Lillian^_^ says:

    this was some excitement for one day

  3. Miss Stewart says:

    You all look like you had such a fantastic time. I love the pics, glad you got there and back in one piece. I look forward to hearing about all your adventures next Monday ❤️

  4. Capucine says:

    It was brillant!!!

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