Today, we had a fabulous (and very wet!) trip to The Thames.

We spent the morning exploring the foreshore and learning about the River Thames. We learnt that there are barriers to prevent flooding and the different uses of the Thames. Then, we scavenged for historical artefacts on the river. We found some animal teeth, some pottery that dates back to Victorian times and lots of shells and sea glass. Back at the museum, we tested the PH of the water to see if it is acidic or alkaline. We also tested the PH of our saliva!  After lunch, we explored the London Docklands Museum and travelled through Sailor Town. We experienced the bunkers that were used as shelters during WW2 and tried building our own bridges.


One comment on “Trip to the River Thames!

  1. Flamingos, I had a super time exploring the river Thames with you all. We had fun finding some interesting artefacts on the foreshore even though it was very wet with the rain. Back at the museum we enjoyed testing the Thames water and were amazed that it was actually quite clean. Thank you for such an eventful day! 🙂

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