We visited Holborn Library today and had SUCH a wonderful day!

Our topic is ‘Hampstead Heath.’ It is a Geography, Science and History topic. Today we focused on the history of our local area. The staff at Holborn Library were so thoughtful and personalised the experience for our topic.

There were 4 tables which we moved around. Each had a focus:

– Activities on Hampstead Heath
– Our school and buildings around Hampstead Heath
– The River Fleet, the ponds and spas of Hampstead Heath
– The History of Hampstead Heath

At each table, there was a mixture of books, maps, illustrations, pictures of paintings, magnifying glasses and many other artefacts which we would never have been able to access if we had not gone on this trip!

We were able to sketch or write down facts on our sheet of paper. We then discussed some of our findings as a group. We loved this trip!

A big thank you to the staff at Holborn Library and the parent volunteers!

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