Fun at the CLC!

On Thursday, the Pelicans visited the CLC to develop their computing skills. While there we looked at a coding language called HTML. We learnt that this coding is used to design web pages and it is important when using this code that you get it right! Then we learnt how to become hackers! This was great fun, we learnt how to go on different websites and change the information available
. This only showed up on our screen and not on the actual website but it is a neat party trick! Gracie and Princess changed the message from Miss Gaffney on the Rosary website and Sonny and Lucas changed the lyrics of Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Shape Of You’ to football lyrics!DSC00462 

Jack and James working hard with their coding.DSC00461

Using HTML coding.


Hacking Google


Princess writes a message on the Rosary website


‘The most awesome class, the Pelicans!’

12 comments on “The Pelicans become coders and hackers at the CLC!

  1. I enjoyed hacking I even do it at home.

  2. My favourite thing at the CLC was hacking

  3. Hacking was so fun I tryed it at home and I hacked so many things.?

  4. Alejandra says:

    The things I liked the most was hacking I asked my dad how old Messi was and he looked on the computer and it said he was 1month old and my dad was like how is he that young?????

  5. Princess says:

    It was so fun hacking I tricked my brother . I told him that Arsenal was first on the football table and I showed him and he couldn’t believed it .Then I had to tell him because I felt sorry for him

  6. I also had fun when my class went!i want to go to clc again!?

  7. I loved hacking because it made me feel like I could do anything I
    wanted to without being told off !!!!

  8. Ruby @ Clapham says:

    I enjoy the CLC

  9. Thank you for the trip. We enjoyed the CLC. ??

  10. Those hacks are so cool! ?

  11. Isabella says:

    amazing pelicans I think so far we can do hacking without someone helping us great job

  12. My favourite bit about it was also hacking!

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