One morning in the Nursery Miss Owen and Ms Jackson discovered a very big and very odd egg in the Nursery! We had no idea what could be inside of this egg and decided to ask The Chicks for help! Together we learned all about different kind of animals who come from eggs to help us guess what could possibly be inside this egg! Could it be a frog? A crocodile? A turtle? We drew pictures of our predictions to share with everyone in the class!

We then learned about different habitats to keep the egg comfortable. Should we keep it in a pond like a frog egg, or in a straw nest like a chicken? We learned so many different animals lay eggs and keep them safe in a variety of habitats!

Then one day we heard a crack.. and the egg started to hatch! We all excitedly watched the crack in the egg grow bigger and could not wait to see which creature would come out! Inside was a… crocodile! We were so surprised and excited to welcome the new Chicks friend and were inspired to make our own crocodile to take home with us!


Do you know any different animals that hatch from eggs? Which habitats do they come from?

The Chicks all agree that our favorite habitat is at home with our families!

For the love of learning,



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