We had a wonderful day today at the CLC. We spent the morning building amazing LEGO creatures and programming them to twirl, kick and move. The afternoon was spent coding which was tricky but everyone did brilliantly. Kingfisher’s I was really impressed with you perseverance and fantastic attitude to learning.

5 comments on “The Kingfisher’s at the CLC

  1. That looks fun??????????

  2. Ciara. C Yr 5/6 says:

    It looks so cool. I hope u had a good time at the CLC.

  3. Anna McGrory says:

    This looks like such a fun day Kingfishers. You are so lucky to have learnt how to code your own lego creatures! Miss McGrory

  4. James Yr5/6 says:

    I remember doing this

  5. Iulia yr3/4 says:

    I Loved going there . It is so fun. Me and Maria did the monkey and the crocodile!!! If you put something in the crocodile ‘s mouth it will automatically close and the monkey can play the drums without you controlling the arms.????????????☺☺??

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