Our topic this half term was ‘The Big Freeze’. It all started off when we found a penguin with a suitcase, an umbrella, a torch and a map in our classroom one Monday morning! We established the penguin was lost and just like in our literacy book we studied ‘Lost and Found’ we had to help him return to Antarctica which is the South Pole (Not the Arctic which is in the North!)
We had lots of fun with messy play throughout this topic, we looked at ice and what happens when ice melts, as well as thinking about camouflage and why our penguin would benefit from, a camouflaged coat on his journey. In our next story ‘The Great Explorer’ we looked at the sort of equipment an explorer might need to start his adventure in the Arctic such as a pick axe, a compass, a fishing rod and a rope. We discussed how he built an igloo to sleep in and made a hole in the ice to catch fish which is how indigenous Inuit people survived.

We had so much fun learning all about the Polar Regions we can’t wait for our next topic!

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