UKS2 are currently reading the text ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty.

Today the children acted in role as a key character and recorded video diary entries just after Jim’s escape from the workhouse.  Everyone did a great job of empathising with their chosen character (either Jim or Tip) and expressed their thoughts and feelings using evidence collected from the text.

A special thanks to the those children who were happy to feature on the website.

(Check back shortly for video 2 to be uploaded)

10 comments on “Street Child Video Diaries

  1. This video diary was great

  2. That video was really good but it was hard to hear.?

  3. I think Kiki’s video was amazing and I just loved how she used that expression of Jim!!!!!!!

  4. The video diary was great and really sounded like Jim.

  5. Kiki that was epic and amazing well done ??

  6. This video diary was great! I think Kiki did wonderful acting Jim. She really captured all the feelings Jim had in the story. It is an amazing video!

  7. This is such a good video

  8. Well done KiKi that was a great video.

  9. That was so such a great video will done Kiki I love it so much that diary was very good ??✨??????

  10. Good video.

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