We have been hard at work since coming back from Easter Holiday’s in the Nursery! Now that we are getting ready for Reception, our days have been filled with learning, creating and questioning!

To start our term off we had a Spring scavenger hunt, exploring our outdoor environment which is our favorite thing to do! Noticing all the new flowerings blooming and leaves budding had the Rosary Team inspired to bring some Spring newness indoors! With new furniture being delivered day by day, we had several cardboard boxes – or as we like to call them, blank canvases! And after talking about what we did over the Easter holidays, we noticed that many of us took the bus! With a little red paint and many hard working artists – we had our very own Nursery bus! We loved working together and creating something new out of reusable materials!

What did you create over the Easter holidays? We always love to hear good ideas!

For the love of lear

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