For the last 2 weeks we have been celebrating Science at Rosary! In class we completed 3 investigations and we had a visit from the Francis Crick Institute too!

Fantastic Fingerprints- We used pencils and chocolate powder to see the design of our fingerprints. We found the the pencil worked much better than the chocolate and we loved seeing if we have a loop, arch or whorl print!

Noisy Neighbours- this activity explored how sound travels. We tied string to metal clothes hangers and gently swung them against objects to hear the sound and vibtrabtions! We tried having the string short and long to see if it made a difference and we enjoyed exploring all the different objects in our classroom! 

Happy Smells- this activity was focused on our sense of smell. We smelt lots of different aromatherapy oils and we created a class tally to see which was the most and least popular!  We  enjoyed  comparing  opinions  with  our  friends  and  talking about how our sense of smell can alert us to danger or create different instincts and emotions.


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