This morning we were lucky enough to watch a performance by musicians from the Royal Academy of Music. This special performance mixed acting with music to create a story all about musicians who broke free from rigid structures to express themselves freely through their instruments. Throughout the story, we saw some very interesting characters coming out through some amazing solos and some beautiful moments of harmony in their ensemble. We were even able to sing along at the end with the Counter Tenor, Ed.

We are really excited to be working with Ed and Jo later this week on a singing and composition project with Year 5 on Wednesday and Thursday.



21 comments on “Royal Academy of Music Assembly

  1. I really enjoyed watching the mini performance that they did with no voice. That was my favourite part.

  2. Their performance was really cool, and fun to watch! Ed was really funny whenever he played piano, he’d do a creepy/funny smile!

  3. The cello was played amazingly

  4. The counter tenor, Ed, was fantastic/ funny

  5. That was so fun

  6. Sara (Yr 6) says:

    It was so fun to watch but I have a question were they speaking Italian? Thank you for coming to our school.

  7. Hattie (Year 6) says:

    I really enjoyed it and I found it quite funny! ?

  8. I found this so fascinating ,the way they turned words into actions was amazing.

  9. Jayden Klein says:

    Great Art ?

  10. It was so intresting to listen to all the instruments!

  11. I loved the performence!!!!❤️ The musicans from ‘The Royal Academy of Music’ really made my day.?

  12. lyla heaven says:

    they were amazing and i cant wait to hopefully see them again!

  13. It was amazing! ☺️ It was so funny when Ed made that funny smile while playing the piano. ? Ahem! ?? It was a wonderful privilege for us to experience this.

  14. I found it very entertaining and fun to watch.
    Well done everyone!!!

  15. Paola Mattia says:

    It was amazing how they could communicate with music it was an unforgettable experience it would be amazing if they could come back again.

  16. I really enjoyed this musical show.I hope that we could se them do a performance again

  17. ????Abi year 3 says:

    It was very funny???????

  18. tyler grace says:

    that was so good it was funny as well as really interesting the music was very odd so i think everyone could imagine somethink different from this event i think they were so fabulous that everyone could learn something from them:)

  19. That was so fun

  20. Anna McGrory says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to hear such talented musicians. Our school has been so blessed with such amazing musical opportunities and experiences recently. Thank you to Mrs Wright for organising this.

  21. Iulia yr3/4 says:

    It was super funny??????????

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