Kingfishers have made a very enthusiastic start on their new topic, ‘Rainforests,’  focused on geography the first half and science in the second half term. We spent the first week exploring and developing the key vocabulary of this unit and this week have been developing our map skills in locating parts of the world, such as continents, the equator, the tropics and the major rainforests. Some of us even made our own presentations on things we found out at home to present to the class.

We have been enjoying quizzes where we get to answer and ask questions about our learning to make sure we remember it. We would love to be quizzed at home as well, feel free to ask us questions such as:

  • How many continent’s are there and what are they called?
  • Where is the equator?
  • What is the only continent with no rainforests?
  • What is the difference between temperate and tropical rainforests?

If you can think of any other rainforest questions, ask them in our comment box below, Kingfishers are happy to answer.

You can also build on our learning by reading our Rosary Topic Treasures, which have been sent home and found below.

Rainforests Topic Treasure

29 comments on “Rainforests

  1. Did u know there is such thing called the idiot fruit ????????????????????

  2. I loved the topic treasures! It was so fun and easy to learn the cool facts.

  3. There are 7 countnites??

  4. How old is the Amazon rainforest?

  5. There are 7 continents. South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica.

  6. Did you know that water is spread evenly through out the rainforest???

  7. There are 7 rainforests in the world!?????????

  8. Rainforest is the best thing ever!!

  9. There Asia Australia Antarctica Europe South America North America Africa

  10. They are Australia, Europe, Africa, South and North America, Antarctica and Asia

  11. How old do you think the Amazon rainforest is?

  12. I have a question who descorverd the Amazon rain forest ? and why is it called that?

  13. Do you remember how the rainforests are formed?

  14. Christian De villa says:

    I think it was very fun lesson did you know there is a idiot fruit and 2000 meters of rain

  15. What do Jaguars eat?

  16. Meat I guess

  17. I love the rainforest because we are making facts about and there’s a thing called a idiot fruit that was my favourite thing also these are the seven contents Asia,Africa,north and South America,astralla and Europe they are the seven continents.

  18. Why do you think there are only a few amounts of rainforests

  19. Christian De villa says:

    The rainforest is a very fun and exotic topic

  20. It is called a rainforest because there is a lot of rain and it has a lot of rain

  21. I looooove the part when Christian said ,”did you know that there’s a thing called the idiot fruit??”????????

  22. It’s called a rain forest because it it rains a lot Hollybell

  23. Christian De villa says:

    I think they eat monkeys and birds.

  24. What do parrots eat?

  25. Did you know that the rainforest is known as the lungs of the planet!?

  26. Did you know that there is a plant that smells like rotten cheese??
    Augh! ??

  27. How much oxygen from the trees do you think will be in the rainforest, straight after the people are done burning down the trees?

  28. I think 4.89billion year’s

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