We’re here! The sun is shining and our rooms are ready. Having just had lunch, we’re all set and ready for our afternoon activities – Challenge Course and Zip Wire.  Check out our photos.  We’ll try and post regularly so keep checking for updates…

20 comments on “PGL is finally within reach!

  1. PGL has finally arrived from all of those sats have fun at PGL.


  3. Miss McGrory says:

    Have fun Year 6! You deserve it!! Can’t wait to see all the pictures!

  4. Have an amazing time Year 6. Looking forward to seeing all the photos and hearing all about it when you arrived back.

  5. Maddison says:

    Hope you have lots of fun! I can’t wait until I’m in year 6 to go PGL

  6. Julia5\6 says:

    Hope u have fun guys! I can’t wait till next year! Im going PGL next year!!!!! Have fun!!!

  7. Sonny yr3/4 says:

    I can’t wait to see you all

  8. Wow it looks like you are having fun . Have a nice day on the last day .

  9. Talia look so good in the canoe we are so happy for her. Thanks Rosery school

  10. Athina year 3 says:

    I miss my brother in PGL I want my brother to come back Happy and safe.

  11. Ms Feury says:

    Hi to all of Year 6!
    Hope you’re all having an amazing time. The pictures look great. It’s very quiet in the Eagles class without you. Enjoy every minute of your time at PGL.
    Ms Feury and the rest of 5/6

  12. Samantha Murphy says:

    Hope your all having a wonderful time x

  13. Samantha Murphy says:

    It looks so much fun hope your all having a great time x

  14. Emily-Eagles says:

    PGL was AWESOME and Amazing!

  15. Frankie6 says:

    The giant swing was scary. My second time up was the worse one. I told Lisa don’t pull the rope until I say go. And with out 10 seconds she decided to pull the thing and I was screaming so loud I think the whole of PGL heard me

  16. Harvey 6 says:

    PGL was so cool

  17. PGL was so fun. Frankie was just exaggerating. He was laughing so hard in the end. I am so happy I go to go

  18. Mathilde says:

    PGL was such an exciting experience and when it ended I realised how much I loved it.??

  19. PGLwas the best trip we ever did thank you miss Kennedy. Wish I was still there jumping around just for fun.

  20. I am looking forward to being in year 6!!????

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