17 comments on “PGL 2018 DAY 3 PART 3

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    Keep checking back to the website and love to find a new batch of photos! Can’t wait for the D.I.S.C.O shots! Enjoy every moment of your last night! Lots of excited people ready to see you tomorrow!

  2. Julie Delaney says:

    Wow Sinead. Dance your legs off tonight. Love Mum, Dad, Legsy x

  3. Hope your still having fun Jehovani we all miss you over here at home x. And also Milaina your mum told me to pass on a message that she is really missing you and that you enjoy yourself.

  4. Monica Phillips says:

    Hello Chloe, have a wonderful time on your last day of PGL. Enjoy the disco. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow. We love you.xxx

  5. I’m loving being updated with such lovely pics can’t wait to see the disco ones. Archie george don’t forget to do your moves your such a good dancer. Harvey John said make sure you do the floss move at the disco. Can’t believe you are home tomorrow can’t wait to see you and hear all about it. Now put your dancing shoes on and go and party. Love mum, dad, Harvey, sid and dolls xxx

  6. Marc cullen says:

    Looks like your having a brilliant time Sean, you and your friends enjoy your last night , miss you loads mate.
    Love Dad

  7. Fiona Power says:

    Hello Lyla, we are loving seeing your photos everyday, can’t wait to hear all about everything. I hope you enjoyed your letters from home and it wasn’t to emosh! I promise no one is using your Netflix profile (haha) Enjoy the disco this evening no flossing….Love ya Mum xx P.S Nanny says hello and Nanny Mc G x

  8. Emma Wise says:

    Loving all the photo updates its so lovely to see you all having such a wonderful time! Have fun at the disco tonight and I hope you’re wearing the outfit I packed you Danny lol and not something from the spare clothes bag! ?? Miss and love you loads, love Mum & Dad xx

  9. wow! great photos ,looks as though you are having a lot of fun.

  10. Amanuel kidane says:

    Hey Milena, this is daddy,I hope you enjoyed your trip and are having lots of fun.I love you, see you soon.

  11. Monica Phillips says:

    By the way Chloe Jacob and Maya say that they miss you and can’t wait to see you. Keep having fun.x

  12. Charlene Sakala says:

    Wow Katema so happy you are living it up my hero ! I miss you loads. It’s so quiet here without you my guy. Auntie Maggie, Auntie Maureen and Uncle Johnny all send their love . We all miss you Katema! Hurry back home cos we can’t wait to hear about your adventures . Love Mum

  13. Morning Mikey!!!!
    We can’t wait to have you home today.
    Just in time for your birthday tomorrow. And there’s no school tomorrow how about that. Love you and miss you so much.

  14. Karen Bateman says:

    Good morning Mikey – enjoy today and this evening – its your last night, wow!!
    Love you – Nanny Karen xxx

  15. Hi Darius, I have been seeing the photos and can see that you have been having an amazing time! Keep trying to do new things, can also see you riding a bike – I didn’t even know you could ride a bike!!
    By the way I have been looking after your PS4 for you as requested. Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing about all your adventures with your friends!
    Love Uncle Mark

  16. Sabrina Scolaro (Sara's mum) says:

    What a wonderful, happy bunch of children you all are; such a wonderful class. I can see you had a fantastic time Sara and I look forward to all your stories. Big kiss to you Sara and thanks to all the brave teachers for looking after the children. Great job as always xxx. See you later ?

  17. Hi Ciara! I’m loving all the photos and I can see that you are having an amazing time participating in all the activities! Good for you, you truly deserve it after all the hard work and effort you have put in this year! As well as a bright and intelligent girl, I always knew that you were adventurous so make the most of your time there! I look forward to seeing pictures from the disco, I know you are going to rock the dance floor with your killer moves! Lol. Love from Aisha xxx

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