Yummy flapjacks!

On Thursday, the Pelicans had the opportunity to use our new kitchen upstairs and cook! After researching lots of different recipes they decided to bake flapjacks. The best part of all was eating the flapjacks at the end of the day!

The groups receive their safety talk:


The oats for the Flapjacks need to be measured out carefully:

DSCF2635 DSCF2644

The mixture was then added to the pan and stirred:

DSCF2650 DSCF2684 DSCF2677

Then it was spread out onto a baking tray:


Finally it was time for the flapjacks to go into the oven to bake:


We are looking forward to cooking more things next time!


12 comments on “Pelicans cook!

  1. This was very fun I hope we can do it again.

  2. I really enjoyed this and I hope we can use the Kitchen more.

  3. These flapjacks were scrumdiddlyumptious.??

  4. The flapjaks taste delicious.

  5. I’m excited to do some cooking!!!!?I LOVE COOKING

  6. I really enjoyed cooking! I hope to do it again sometime soon 🙂

  7. I would like to bake pizza the next time we use the kitchen just like Snowy Owls did.

  8. I had fun baking and I will like to do it agian.

  9. since are next topic is the ice kingdom we could make Polobear biscuits with a marshmallow face and decorate the body.

  10. when are we gonna cook again??????

  11. I would love to cook pizza the next time and as Maya said pizza is really tasty I love pizza it’s my favourite food.

  12. Thanks for the comment Isabella. 🙂

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