Kingfishers visited john Soanes house in central London to explore their current learning in science, light. After enjoying our packed lunches and a few games in the park opposit we were greeted by some very friendly members of the museum who told us about the family who lived in the house, John Soane, his wife and their two sons and their much loved dog Fanny. We then split in to three smaller groups to explore different parts of the museum.


We did a workshop on light using torches and different coloured plastic explored how the light changed colour and why. We then linked that to different colours around the house and how they were created by Soane. We also explored how the architect was very clever in his placement of mirrors around his home so as to enjoy the most light at each time of day, as well as using mirrors to enhance this light throught reflections. Finally we explored the crypt and how he was able to  bring light into the basement so his guests could enjoy his wonderful collection of artefacts. We had a great day with our wonderful guides and came back with a much greater understanding of light.

2 comments on “Light at John Soanes Museum

  1. Anna McGrory says:

    This looks like a fascinating trip Kingfishers!

  2. what a trip I loved it so much

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