Today Kingfishers  visited the CLC to explore programming whilst incorporating our topic learning on Rainforests. We created our own interactive quiz programs to test each other on our knowledge so far. We then created interactive questions and answers so our respondents can explore a rainforest environment whilst they answer questions. We had a great day combining our rainforest knowledge along with new learning in computing and had a lot of fun whilst doing it.


7 comments on “Kingfishers Visit to CLC

  1. I was great help I was i am also on scrach right now looking on max’ses is real fun

  2. I loved your one too! It was just hilarious! ? ? ?

  3. It was so fun! Miss O’Toole, please can we do it again?

  4. It was soo fun making rainforest quizzes!!! It totally worked with my idea ?!!!!!

  5. It was soo fun making rainforest quizzes!!!

  6. IT WAS THE MOST FUNEST TRIP I WENT ON. I really want to go again…

  7. scrach Jr is the best pepole

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