On Friday all of Key Stage 1 visited The London Aquarium! We had such an exciting day and learnt a huge amount. Our topic is ‘Into the Deep’ so we went to learn even more about the oceans and all the animals which live in it.

We had a workshop when we arrived which was about habitats and how animals are adapted to live in certain habitats.

We also saw some of the stingrays being fed – it was fascinating seeing how they moved.

Have a look at some of the pictures from our day out.

4 comments on “Key Stage 1 Trip to London Aquarium

  1. Lexi Jai year4 says:

    Looks beautiful

  2. Vanessa?? says:

    LOVE IT???

  3. Elizabeth Tobun says:

    I went there????????????????????

  4. Isabella says:

    my sister went there looks so fun

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