The Chicks have been very busy this Autumn season! From exploring seasonal changes of thunderstorms and snow, to working hard as elves to celebrate all of the hardworking people in the school with beautiful crafts! There is so much to do this time of year and we love working hard together.

In the Nursery, we know how to celebrate! Whether its through dancing during own clothes days to raise money for CAFOD, decorating our several Christmas trees and baking cookies to celebrate Christmas and remind ourselves that the Chicks make a wonderful team! How do you celebrate this festive season? We are always looking for new ideas!

We of course have been busy learning about The Nativity: Making connections with baby Jesus because we were once babies too! Role Playing Jesus in a manger and gently singing to him. To going to the main school for a Nativity Performance dress rehearsal! We have been singing morning, noon and night both at home and at school, so we do hope you can come and celebrate the story of Jesus with us! And if you cant, you will be with us there just like Jesus, in spirit.

For the love of learning,

Nursery Chicks

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