Today, the Snowy Owls paid a visit to the Holborn Library, where we delved into a treasure trove of World War Two sources. Our exploration led us to fascinating insights into various aspects of the war, including daily life during the London bombings, the post-war period, and the home front in our local community. We uncovered a wealth of interesting facts that shed light on the war’s impact on our community. Among the captivating discoveries was a photograph and article detailing the history of Rosary School before and after it was bombed, and the subsequent reconstruction. Our time at the library was further enriched as we perused vintage cookbooks, offering us a glimpse into the culinary delights of the era. Some of our young scholars even expressed their intention to recreate dishes like apple pancakes and traditional Christmas pudding.

In a delightful twist, one of our students stumbled upon a photograph of his own house in West Hampstead from the 1940s, adding a personal connection to our historical journey. Our visit was thoroughly enjoyable, and we eagerly anticipate sharing our stories and newfound knowledge with the wider school community.


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