On Wednesday 21st September we visited the new ‘Door of Mercy’ at St Dominic’s Priory and celebrated Mass to welcome our Rosary community to the beginning of the new school year. Since then we have been taking part in a range of activities to mark the Jubilee year of Mercy.






Pope Francis has proclaimed 2016 as an Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. The year began on 8 December 2015, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and will conclude on 20 November 2016, the Feast of Christ the King. Pope Francis wants this to be the year when we remember that our God is a God of mercy, a God of love and compassion, a God who forgives all and always forgives. God’s mercy is for everyone; no one is excluded.

Pope Francis asks us to be the face of God’s mercy and we will be thinking about what that means for each one of us as a member of God’s family.


What have you been doing for the Year of Mercy and how you can be God’s face of Mercy?


53 comments on “What have you been doing for the Year of Mercy and how you can be God’s face of Mercy?

  1. By living the beatitudes is one way.

  2. And by loving God

  3. Patricia Gorham says:

    Key Stage 1 have been very busy creating a ‘Tree of Mercy’ this week. Each leaf on the tree shows a way that we can be merciful.

  4. By forgiving people if they have done something wrong to you and to respect everyone’s cultures.

  5. By forgiving people

  6. I am going to try and live by the Beatitudes as well as the Holy Law.

  7. I really enjoyed the Mass.

  8. A way that you can be merciful is by following The 10 commandments.

  9. I vow to be kind, helpful and caring

  10. Milly condors says:

    I loved the Mass. I thought it was a great first mass of the year. ????

  11. By putting others first.

  12. Loving God and everyone

  13. Love our neighbours as ourselves

  14. I can be kind to others

  15. To forgive and care for people around you

  16. By following God/Jesus’ footsteps

  17. By following the 10 commandments

  18. I enjoyed this Mass at St Dominics.

  19. We should celebrate the kingdom values and love one another.

  20. I liked the Saint Dominic’s Mass; the loud voices year six used were really good.???

  21. I think that it was so good that we had a Mass at St Dominic’s

  22. Dear God ,

    We are all equal we are all the same,
    Caring for each other sharing with each other,
    No matter our name or if we don’ t look the same,
    With our opened minds we can think the same,
    Even if we are angry or if we are in shame,
    God will always have the best friendship in name,

  23. By helping one another.

  24. Mercy is very important because if we didn’t have mercy nobody would be nice to each other.??

  25. God and Jesus want us to be kind to everyone and love each other in every way.

  26. by saying the prayer of mercy and showing mercy to other people.

  27. God and Jesus want us to love each other as we love ourselves.

  28. To spread love amongst all people.

  29. Christabella says:

    For the Year of Mercy I have been thinking about my family and friends and relatives but also Rosary. Every night I say prayers about my family and friends,even people sitting on the street stressfuly without food or shelter and the entire world.??.

  30. For the year of mercy I have been thinking about the poor people.

  31. I will be merciful by looking after my friends and the homeless generously.?

  32. To be kind and forgiving to
    others and care for people
    around you. To love our
    Neighbours as ourselves and
    sometimes putting others first.

  33. By saying prayers eventhough I’m not in school.Also by showing love,kindness and being loving to one another

  34. To be God’s face of mercy I am kind, loving and caring.

  35. To follow God’s path and to forgive people even though you may find it very hard to forgive.

    What I have being doing for the Year of Mercy is to be kind and helpful to other people around me.

  36. I can be merciful by forgiving people who hurt me. I can also admit I did the wrong thing and say sorry.

  37. I will be helpful and to say prayers at night

  38. I Will be kind to others and helpful.

  39. Emilia C Yr3 says:

    To put others first, being kind and thoughtful.
    And Praying for Mrs Moon.

  40. I walked through the Door of Mercy with my family. I also said special prayer at the end of Mass.

  41. I have been showing mercy by being grateful for what I have.

  42. I have been thinking about people who live in poverty and people who have died because they have no clean water.

  43. By praying and following intructions. You should
    forgive each other for their mistakes

  44. I have been praying and saying sorry to God !

  45. I pray to God to say I’m sorry for my mistakes???

  46. St Thérèse of Liseux showed mercy by praying to God when times where troubled and she mostly cared about the little things because little things matter.

  47. You could pray for forgiveness of your sins.

  48. For the Year of Mercy we can try to act like St Thérèse by praying to God when we are angry about something or someone.

  49. I will apologise to somebody who I have upset

  50. St. Thérèse of Liseux prayed to God when times were hard especially when she was bad tempered.

  51. I will play with someone if they didn’t have anyone to play with

  52. I will try to be more like St. Therese by speaking to Jesus when I get angry.

  53. St Thérèse of Lisiuex is a good example who is merciful because when one of the nuns splashed water on her face, she prayed to Jesus before acting badly. She didn’t think about herself but she thought about others.

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