As part of our R.E topic we have learnt about how the church began at Pentecost. The children then acted the parts of Pentecost out. A group were the apostles returning from Jerusalem and praying with Mary, another group took on the role of the apostles being filled with the Holy Spirit. A group were also acting out Peter speaking to the crowd about the Holy Spirit and the final group were the many people being baptised on the day of Pentecost. All of the groups then came together to show all the events of the Pentecost.

Acting out this day really helped the children remember the events of Pentecost and appreciate how this was the day that the church was born. We discussed how the church has continued to spread the Good News all over the world.


6 comments on “Early Christians

  1. I really enjoyed acting out the story and I think it looks really good as a long story board. ???

  2. I liked it when we acting out the story it was fun

  3. It was so fun doing this lesson !

  4. It was so much fun acting out the story??

  5. I like the pictures.

  6. I enjoyed acting out in a group.

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