On Thursday 5th January, Condors visited the CLC.  During the morning session, we learned how to use Python through Espresso Coding.  We then worked with Microbits in the afternoon – we gave them instructions to write messages and programmed them to create a chosen shape.  Thanks to Gillian for a great day at the CLC!

12 comments on “Condors visit the CLC

  1. I loved visiting the CLC. I had so much fun learning about coding as well as using numbers to show a picture like a boat. I can’t wait for our next trip.

  2. It was really fun. I hope we can go there again. I learnt about different ways of coding which was very interesting.

  3. It was really fun doing python in the morning. My favourite part was when we did shapes in the microbit such as a boat, a Christmas tree, a house and many more.

  4. I found this trip very fun and I enjoyed it so much! I loved coding and learning new things.??????☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️I learnt how to use a micro it and make it work.

  5. Emilia Yr6 says:

    I had so much fun and I learned a lot! I didn’t know that you could use Python to code a mini computer! I can’t wait until our next visit. Thank you miss Kennedy.

  6. I really enjoyed the trip and when we programmed the microbits in the end. We learnt how to place text and shapes onto the microbits by using Python programming. We also made five question quizzes using Python programming in the computer. I really learnt a lot on the trip that I didn’t know before.

  7. I really enjoyed going on this trip and learning how to program microbits to display messages and shapes. We also played this called LightBot which was really fun.

  8. I really enjoyed the CLC trip, especially the Lightbot game. We also coded microbits to display messages and shapes as well as making our own shapes.

  9. Milly Condors says:

    I had a great time at the CLC, but my favourite part was when we used the Microbit.??

  10. I found programming the micro:bit fun and want to do it again!

  11. When I was C. L. C I used Python to code a MicroBit to say that I was a Creeper from MineCraft and that I was exploding while writing.

  12. I found the trip really interesting because I didn’t know Python before but now I really understand it. I really liked it and I want to go back there again someday. Thank you for the trip Miss Kennedy

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