Kingfishers has a great time at the Heath yesterday. Despite the high temperatures, we were able to have a lovely picnic in the shade and got to visit a secret garden enclosed by woodland.

During our visit, we learnt about vertebrates and invertebrates and how to classify them. We examined the different wildlife in the pond whilst pond dipping. We even got to see newts from the different parts of the life cycle. For some reason, the leeches were very popular. Our other activity was to explore the woodland for insects and view them under a magnifying glass. The children were able to find lots of specimens with their nets. The afternoon was really fun and educational.


We would like to reassure parents that the children we given a chance to fully hydrate before leaving the Heath to get back to school!

3 comments on “Classifying Creatures at the Heath

  1. Charlotte says:

    That looks very fun.??????????

  2. i wish I could go back there

  3. Elda michael says:

    was it muddy cause when I did it wasn’t pleasant to me

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