This week Kingfishers started their art and design project on rainforests, we have been collecting boxes and materials over the last few weeks and today we used them to makes a start on our models.

We are going to create the levels of the rainforest in a 3d diorama, we focused on laying the foundations and creating a background for our models we are going to build on these each week to slowly add detail. We are also working as groups which measn we have to plan and work together at each stage.

8 comments on “Building Our Rainforests

  1. Jose burela says:

    That was really cool.

  2. Building our rainforest was so fun!We only started the first bit sadly.???

  3. I loved the posters it looked amazing thank you Miss O’Toole for letting us do that.

  4. We made the first bit but we have got a choice to share or not

  5. Anna McGrory says:

    I cannot wait to see all these amazing rainforests!

  6. John morewood says:

    I can’t wait to do it again

  7. Who brang things in because i did and brang birds what make sound’s

  8. Jose burela says:

    i love sticking a small piece of paper into a bigger piece of paper.

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